Since 40 years we manufacture quality products

Our company has grown up with you. Over time we have improved our products constantly.

Our story begins in 1974

Our company, Silme Progetto, was born in Curno -Bg- in 1974, has many years of experience in the production of heating elements and heating blankets for professional aesthetic use; what distinguishes us over to the high quality and safety standards, it is the high flexible. The continuous research and the optimization of production processes enables us to meet any special needs in a fast and competitive way.

In addition to producing our own design items we offer customers our expertise in the feasibility study of customized items in the sizes, shapes, in any color without neglecting the slightest detail. Our experience has been gained in the field of the articles that are used for slimming treatments, slimming, firming … intended for beauty salons, spas and sports. Over the past we designed and built the TERMOTYRE exclusive patent that thanks to innovation and quality has gained the niche market in a very short time RACING.

Our technical department

Our technical department, an integral part of our company deals with those fundamental activities for the creation and development of a new product.

In fact Silme Progetto is able to design and produce heating elements according to the different needs of customers, a feature that allows a total versatility of applications and markets outlets.

Our company offers high quality products that stand out on the market for their fine manufacturing “Made in Italy”, as a  result of continuous efforts and constant search of  raw materials and technologies that can best meet the needs of each client.


Yes, our company not only gives the possibility to produce without our logo, but it offers the opportunity to customize each product with the logo of your company.

You have to! For us your participation to the product development is crucial. Step by step next to you to be able to satisfy your every requirement.

Yes, each new product, starts, first of all with the realization of the prototype, which is essential to better define features and functionality

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