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Products for the hygiene assured

All our products are made with outside vinyl material, easily washable. These materials are treated with antibacterial component that eliminates any possibility of allergies and unpleasant odors. This is a protection agent able to stop the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, fungus, moulds and mites so as to maintain the hygienic article, soft and unaltered, thus increasing the useful life of the product.

Safety first of all

All our products are manufactured in compliance with European Directives and are CE marked.


  • Working led.

  • Temperature level programming (max 65° C.).

  • Temperature shown in Celsius (C)or Fahrenheit (F) degrees.

  • Timing treatment programming (max 60 minutes).

  • Alert buzzer of start and end treatment.

  • It shows buzzer and alerts in case of bad working.

  • It shows the thermoblanket temperature reached.