Since 1974 we have been serving a lot of Customers!

We have created more than 70,000 orders , collaborated with over 200 companies in the following areas.


Established in the beauty industry for over 40 years. We offer a wide range of products for slimming sauna treatments both localized that complete – products that stand out on the market for their fine craftsmanship “Made in Italy”.


Production of electric heating elements according to different needs of customers, a feature that allows a total versatility of application and market outlets. We produce flexible heating elements in copper or copper alloy with glass yarn support for the high temperatures and polyester backing for medium / low temperatures. We offer PVC insulation HT 105 °, silicone and Teflon.


Realization of  thermo blankets for tires targeted and designed for all different needs. The optimal heat distribution makes our thermo tires a product which stand out in the market for its constant and uniform performance over the entire surface.


Realization of personalized heating elements through the use of flexible resistances and fine materials , designed and targeted to meet the different needs of each client