Guaranted products

All our products come with certificates and guarantees according to current laws in Europe.


Temperature Controller, realized by SILME PROGETTO, is a electronic device with exclusive functionality for a constant control of the temperature. Temperature Controller guarantees the temperature control in observance of requested parameters with the regulations in force, leaving to the operator the possibility to get personal treatment. An user interface, equipped by display LCD, shows in actual time the programmed parameters of the treatment.

Control Device with TIMER

The electronic Timer device offers the possibility to work in complete safety.

It fully meets the requirements of the regulations in force. This device offers two programs of work with a maximum of four hours run time, after which the device turns off automatically, avoiding in this way the possibility of leaving the heating element turned on for hours and hours and therefore ensuring total security during its use.

Thermo conductive structure

This innovative and patented system allows homogenous and constant heat distribution to be obtained over the whole surface compared to a traditional heated wheel cover.

The heating part consists of a resistance fixed to a layer of fabric whose area is totally covered by a THERMO CONDUCTIVE STRUCTURE .

Inevitably the resistance cannot cover the whole area of the heated wheel cover, causing non-homogenous heating. Thanks to the heat conducting structure, which covers the whole area of the heated cover, the heat is distributed homogenously over the whole surface. In fact the heat emitted by the heated cover , is transmitted uniformly to the surface of the tyre and up to the wheel rim thanks to thermo conductive structure, avoiding in this way “leopard spot”